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Central Texas On Farm Partial Lease (X Posted) Feb. 27th, 2008 @ 05:16 pm
What does it mean to lease a horse?

By leasing a horse, you get a lot of the privileges of owning a horse like being able to ride on your own schedule and having personal time with the horse. Some leases will also expect you to assume many of the responsibilities of horse ownership - from feeding duties to scheduling the farrier and vet visits. Regardless of the terms of your lease it is a great way to try out being a horse owner at a fraction of the cost and risk.

At Bella Peregrina Ranch, we offer partial leases on our horses. We will retain all responsibility for feeding, farrier and vet visits. Leasers will get use of our tack, tools and facilities according to a mutually agreeable schedule. Lease fees will reflect how many days a week you want to spend with the horse, but generally are $75 a month for 2 days a week. (HORSES WILL NOT LEAVE THE FACILITIES UNLESS TRANSPORTED BY BELLA PEREGRINA RANCH.)

Riding instruction is not included in a lease, but we recommend leasers consider taking lessons on their leased horse to be sure that they are getting the most out of their relationship with that horse. Interested leasers who have not taken lessons from us before will be required to take several lessons so that we can get a good
understanding of their skills and desires.

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Contact info:
Phone: five one two - two six nine - six three zero nine
Email: skyeds(at)tex1(dot)net
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May. 5th, 2006 @ 09:49 pm
Hi everybody. I wanted to share a picture of my 4 y.o. Morgan gelding, Soco Amaretto Lime.  He's only just now starting to be shown so he's still learning. He's going to be doing western pleasure and halter. Everybody needs to post more about their mogans!

new Mar. 15th, 2006 @ 01:03 pm
Hi everyone, I'm Laura Stern. I have three Morgan horses, LCS StrategicallySpeaking(Bing), Roundabout Rolls Royce(Royce), and I just purchased my 2nd level dressage mare, RHM Tender Moments(Mozi). My horses show in Michigan and regional shows, and we take Bing to nationals. We might be taking Mozi and/or Royce as well this year. Mozi is my icon...

Let me give you their descriptions:

Bing: 15.1 (or so) hand gelding. Bright bay with star/stripe/snip combo. Two small hind socks. Reserve World champion (Ladies or Open), National Finals Walk/trot 11 and under. Shows hunter on the flat.
Royce: 15.2 (or 3) bay gelding. Small star. Top ten in equitation. Shows hunter on the flat mostly, also western, and in academy shows, he is used for saddleseat.
Mozi: 14.2 (I know hers! Just measured her lol) chestnut mare. Small star, Sock on right hind foot. 2nd level dressage, jumps 18 inches. Just got her Monday, haven't shown her yet.


Bing: http://www.freewebs.com/lauras_horse/bing.htm (me riding)
Royce: http://photobucket.com/albums/y226/ilovehorses_28/At%20the%20barn/ (me riding)
Mozi: http://photobucket.com/albums/y226/ilovehorses_28/Horse%20Pics/ (I'm only in the ones with the girl in the black sweatshirt. The other person is her old owner)

Jan. 3rd, 2006 @ 09:50 pm
All the pics I have seen lately look so cold and frozen. It's high time we have some Central Florida sun and fun photos :D

I went to a friend's barn Sunday and took some of these pics of her morgan horses. Enjoy!Collapse )
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Belated Good Wishes Dec. 28th, 2005 @ 01:10 pm
! Happy Holidays !

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My fuzzy girls and I hope you are all having a lovely winter!

Has anyone on the list taught a young horse to Park out? Any advice? Thanks :-)
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Check out the post I made in my journal today. I took some pictures!!!
» Cross Posted at another site...
About 4 years ago I had to sell my baby. I got her when she was only a yearling and trained her myself for fifteen years. Maggie was an incredible show jumper/dressage morgan that I even took to college with me. Due to a bad farrier, she foundered and had to be retired. Her care really became more than I could afford at the time. Maggie's new home became Florida and the sandy flat soil was just the thing to help her recover. You would never have believed she ever rotated to look at her feet. I don't think she would have recovered as well had she stayed in central Georgia. Fortunately, I was offered a new job a year later about an hour from the lady her bought her. This woman has been incredibly generous and would let me come over anytime I wanted to ride her without even having to ask. We were all eager to see what kind of baby she would produce. I was looking forward to my "grandhorse".

Unfortunately my girl Maggie didn't become pregnant in all the time this lady had her. So much for her retiring as a broodmare. Today was a gorgeous central Florida day (sunny, dry, 79 degrees out) so I drove up to visit Maggie. You can only imagine my disappointment to find out then that Maggie has a new owner. The lady was very sympathetic to me and apologized for not telling me sooner. She then asked if I would still ride her other morgans. She has a few beautiful sport morgans that look gorgeous when ridden dressage. Since her children are all gone and she is getting old, she needs someone to work with them. I was happy to take on the task, and kept good spirits about the entire thing.

But deep down I am very sad. It's hard to let an old friend go. I am hoping the new owner will call me and ask if I would like to drop by and visit her. I don't even care if I never ride her again. I just wish I could drop by and at least give her a carrot and a hug now and then. On the flip side, she is now being stabled only 20 minutes from home so it would be a lot easier to drive over. I suppose there are many of you out there who have been in my shoes at some point in life.

Today I told myself that when one door closes another opens. If it is meant to be, than who am I to question fate? After all, it was one heck of a coincidence that we ended up so close together these last few years. I'm now working on a green dressage prospect named Daisy who is a doll to ride. I can't wait to see how she will turn out after some consistent work. She is a solid black 5 year old Morgan, about 15.2 hands tall. It feels good to be a trainer again. On the way home tonight I smiled and felt proud that I raised my Maggie to be such a good horse that even at 18 she is still turning heads and impressing folks around her.

So here is a small tribute to our time together. Enjoy!

At the end of this course, somebody asked me if I knew this wasn't a steeplechase. I said yeah, but she doesn't.Collapse )

I thought she looked so darn cute eating hay that day.Collapse )

She always like to pretend that she wasn't really interested in attention, but if I walked away she would demand that I come back and worship her some more. The pic reminds me of that.Collapse )
» Pictures of Sally

At the Barn today.Collapse )

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Do his back muslces look undeveloped to you?Collapse )
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I was bored today so i took some pics of my horsies...please excuse the terrible photography skills and how terrible i look in the pics haha :-D

Oh and theres quite a few in here so...dial-up beware

Everyone loves picturesssCollapse )
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