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I was bored today so i took some pics of my horsies...please excuse… - The Morgan Horse

About I was bored today so i took some pics of my horsies...please excuse…

Previous Entry Nov. 8th, 2005 @ 06:41 pm Next Entry
I was bored today so i took some pics of my horsies...please excuse the terrible photography skills and how terrible i look in the pics haha :-D

Oh and theres quite a few in here so...dial-up beware

Sovereignn...he was playing with the trash can

Sovereign outside thinking he's still a stud and flirting with the ladies over the fence

Sov again...getting ready to rear or something naughty like that haha

Misty...amazing horse...she was an MSPCA rescue horse and she foundered about a year ago. they said she would never walk again but look at her now! she can go play with all of her friends again and you would never guess she foundered at all!

This is Nestle..he's a 16.2hh morgan and my awesome trail horse!

This is Pretty...shes a mix pony and the star of the lesson program here at Wyndamere Farm :)

This is Matty...our yearling and me and my sister's project for next spring :-D (Misty is here mom...misty foundered when she was in foal with Matty)

Me and Matty like to take pictures together...too bad she looks cutee and i look like i have 3 chins : X

Sometimes me and Matty kiss too haha I <3 my haussies

Sovereign...he was running around his stall and snorting and I thought he looked really cute lol

This is Addy...she just got weened from her mummy and shes a big girl now!

^thats my favorite pic of her...shes a little chunky tho :-P

This is Cooper..our morgan colt...hes about 5 months old and look how big his head is! (or compared to addy who is only a day younger!)

He had his head on my shoulder and it was sooo cute but i missed it :(

aww cooper's hidinggg

he didnt want me to leave lol

My Sovereignn...he looks kinda scared lol but he's still cuteee

And since Bachelor isn't home to take part in our photoshoots i'll include a pic of him in here cuz he's so cute!

Alright thats all for now...enjoyy

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Date:November 22nd, 2005 09:08 pm (UTC)
The last picture looks like it was taken at New Englands! Thats what my pony always looked like, head over the stall guard. He'd try and climb out with out it! very very cute ponies by the way! What's Sovereignns' breeding?
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Date:December 9th, 2005 03:12 am (UTC)
yeah it was at New England...bachelor was so funny...he was right near the chairs and eveything so he had his head out all day talkin to everyone lol.

and Sovereign's breeding is UC Marquis x Intrepid Marlene
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